Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Rescission Laws for Timeshares in Mexico?

Are you looking for information about the rescission laws for timeshares in Mexico? Here you will find out all you need to know regarding timeshare cancellation in Mexico and the laws that guide the rescission period.

Rescission laws for timeshares in Mexico

Rescission laws for timeshares in Mexico were established to protect both consumers and timeshare companies. Rescission laws provide useful guidelines for both buyers and sellers of timeshare when you purchase from a licensed developer. Remember, when you buy a timeshare resale, your consumer rights will depend on how you purchased your timeshare, and you may not be protected by the rescission laws for timeshares in Mexico. This article is concerned with the rescission laws that are applicable when you purchase a timeshare in Mexico from a legitimate timeshare company.

What is the rescission period?

Another name for the rescission period is “the cooling-off” period. This is the time when you cannot be denied the right of cancellation. Contrary to what many fraudulent timeshare cancellation companies will have you believe, Mexican law affords purchasers the legal right to cancel their timeshare contract during the rescission period. Cancellation companies may trick you into thinking that you need their services so they can charge you high fees.

What happens after the rescission period has passed?

Once the cooling-off period has passed, rescission laws for timeshares in Mexico cannot help you cancel your timeshare. Again, timeshare cancellation scams will try to convince you that they can work on your behalf to cancel your timeshare, but that is simply not true. No matter what they promise, you have no legal rights to cancel a timeshare after the rescission period has passed.

Protection from cancellation scams

While consumers are fully protected by the rescission laws for timeshares in Mexico when they purchase a genuine timeshare membership from a legitimate timeshare company, consumers don’t have much protection timeshare cancellations scams because very few regulations are in place. The best course of action is to research the company as well as you can, or--better still--avoid cancellation companies all together. If you feel that you have been involved in a timeshare cancellation scam, you should contact the Mexican federal department called PROFECO to make a formal complaint against the cancellation company.

What is your experience of the rescission laws for timeshares in Mexico? Please leave your comments.

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  1. Cancellation companies are all scams! I hate to generalize, but we were scammed and I wish I did a little research first before trusting them. They are out to take your money, offering a service they cannot fulfill. We learned to love our timeshare. LOL. The irony is that the timeshare cancellation company made us believe that our vacation club was the real scam.